Software Engineer

  • Date: 15-April-2024
  • Salary: 30000-40000
  • Experience: 4 Year
  • Notice Period: 1 Month
  • Location: Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore


Technical Writer


Talent in showing ideas graphically, Patience in problem-solving/troubleshooting, Ability to interact with SMEs, Interest in Science and Technology, Ability to Work with Technical Writing Tools, Research and Exploration, Being Systematic, Knowledge of technical terminology


Jobs Description

Must be able to understand complex information. Technical writers may benefit from a background in fields such as engineering or science. Writing skills. Technical communicators must have excellent writing skills to be able to explain technical information clearly.

Writes and edits technical documents including reference manuals and product manuals. Writes and edits procedural documentation such as user guides and manuals. Determines the type of publication that will best serve the project requirements.